Service Description

Team Leasing is an answer to increasing needs of the Clients in the field of outsourcing of IT staff or Nearshore Outsourcing. Team Leasing is nothing else than DCG's establishment of the whole team dedicated to provision of IT services for the benefit of a specific Client. Model of settlements is a secondary matter. The most important thing is to allow the Client to receive the whole team in the package. Depending on specific needs, these can be, e.g. development teams, Service Deck teams or Team of Administrators – in fact, it depends on required competences. DCG established and establishes teams not only within one competence, but also based on, e.g. the methodology of work. Scrum Team? No problem. We determine its makeup with the client – e.g. 4 developers, an analyst and a scrum master – and incorporate such a team into the Client's project according to a selected formula (on-site or off-site). The idea of this model is to provide entire project teams.

Team Leasing

  • Immediate provision of a team ready to work on the Client's projects
  • Random configuration of the makeup of the teams
  • Predictability of costs
  • Predictability of achieved benefits
  • Possibility to determine specific KPI and SLA
Definition of IT needs
Determination of the maximum budget and the scope of required IT competences
Submission of order to DCG and approval of consultants dedicated to a given order
On-boarding of the team
Monthly settlement of the works of the team based on an agreed procedure (working time, KPI or hybrid)

How it works?

Business models adopted in DCG constitute a framework we used in our operations. We can treat it as a set of specific rules, that we will follow in cooperation, or as a signpost, which will set a direction, and after negotiations, we will tailor this solution to your needs, so that it better suits you.

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