Service Description

Nearshore Outsourcing becomes a more and more attractive alternative to 'long-distance' outsourcing, that is intercontinental cooperation of companies. Seemingly 'cheaper' India or China, overall, often proved less attractive. A solution to the growing demand for improvement in the quality of reduction in costs turned out to be Nearshore Outsourcing, namely a transfer of some functions of the undertaking – in this case, IT – to 'mid-cost' or 'low-cost' countries but located close in terms of geography. And so, for example, Polish - British, Polish-German or Polish – Scandinavian cooperations are very popular. With this service companies are able to reduce the costs globally, increase the quality or received services or products, and, at the same time, still be a very attractive design-budget competitor on the receiving market.

Nearshore Outsourcing

  • Easy access to qualified specialists
  • Outstanding quality of provided services and generated products
  • Attractive price conditions
  • High educational standards
  • Outstanding infrastructure (in comparison to competitors)
  • Economic maturity
  • Very good command of foreign languages
  • Significant cultural match-up
  • High security standards
  • Poland's leading position in studies concerning nearshore outsourcing conducted by the world's biggest credit information agencies
Definition of IT needs and the scope of services, including selection of specialists, infrastructure, exact location
Establishment of teams and their calibration in terms of continuous provision of a service
A process of service migration from the previous location to Poland
Commencement of service provision based on adopted SLA
Settlement of the service based on the adopted model (many of those are possible for nearshore outsourcing)

How it works?

Business models adopted in DCG constitute a framework we used in our operations. We can treat it as a set of specific rules, that we will follow in cooperation, or as a signpost, which will set a direction, and after negotiations, we will tailor this solution to your needs, so that it better suits you.

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