Service Description

Recruitment in the field of IT is the first service provided to our clients, introduced in 2008. This experience result in the fact that we feel competent in this field and we are real specialists. Using the most effective methods of selecting and searching for appropriate candidates, we present to our clients the best candidates available. At the same time, being aware that our Clients care about Employer Branding, we do our best in order to effectively represent them on the labour market.


  • Internal support of the HR department in expanding one's own team
  • Presenting candidates selected from the market
  • Increase in the Client's internal outlays on obtaining a single candidate
  • Relatively low costs of the service in relation to achieved benefits
  • Guarantee for the provided service
  • Possibility of recruiting people with competences not known to the Client – the Client does not need specialised recruiters to employ a specialist in a new field
Definition of IT needs
Determination of details of the project, scope of required IT competences, and the maximum budget
Presentation of candidates who are interested in a given vacancy, along with any information gathered during our in-depth pre-screenings
Complete recruitment process on a client side or conducted by DCG if required by a client
Employment of the selected candidate from DCG

How it works?

Business models adopted in DCG constitute a framework we used in our operations. We can treat it as a set of specific rules, that we will follow in cooperation, or as a signpost, which will set a direction, and after negotiations, we will tailor this solution to your needs, so that it better suits you.

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